Graylog Server with a new IP

Hello everyone,

I have a Graylog 2.5 server installed on Centos7, I changed the IP address of my Server, in the configuration file vi /etc/graylog/server/server.conf
web_listen_uri=http://IP graylog Server:9000/
rest_listen_uri=http://IP Graylog Server:9000/api/
rest_transport_uri=http://IP Graylog Server:9000/api/
and I restarted all services:
*Graylog server is active (running)
*Elasticsearch is active (running)
*MongoDB is active (running)
…I authorize the flow firewall side, but I I can’t access the graylog web interface with the new server address, Please help

what error did you get?

Can you browser reach the rest_listen_uri?

no error messages , with rest_listen_uri , I can’t access to the graylog web interface


it looks like your Graylog can’t connect to Elasticsearch @Labidi

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Hi @jan all services are OK, but I can’t access to the graylog web interface,

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