Reports don't contain all table rows

I just upgraded by Graylog to version 3.2 and noticed that reports do not contain all rows of a table. And there also doesn’t seem to be a option to change this at the moment. Was there a reason for this change? Since it feels kind of weird that a report only contains a few rows of the entire table.

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he @ntimo

did you refer to a data table that has a number of rows and not all rows are not given in the report?

So the widget is not the same on the report as in the view? If that is true, please open a bug report over at Github.

Yes for example I have a data table that has 20 rows that I can scroll trough in the dashboard view but int the report pdf only the first few are shown. In which repo should I open the report?

he @ntimo

as this is a enterprise feature with a closed repo, please use the graylog server repo:

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