Ready to use to Dashbaord Template for AWS VPC Flow Logs and AWS CloudTrail logs

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Hello Experts,

We have installed Graylog and all the data is ingested properly. I can see the log messages. Am trying to create a dashboard and wanted to quickly check if anyone have created a ready made dashboard specifically for VPC Flowlogs and Cloud trial.

Any help is appreciated.


(Jochen) #2

You can check the Graylog Marketplace for AWS related content packs:

If you don’t find any, please feel free to share the ones you made.

(Niyaz) #3

Thanks Jochen. Am new to graylog and haven’t created any dashbaord. I have all the logs coming and trying to make meaningful bar charts and high usage user and so on.

Is there anything I can use agianst the existing logs by importing the contentpack or something. I just see a plugin in the Marketplace.

Any help is appreciated.

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If you don’t find anything on the Graylog Marketplace and nobody replied to this topic, there probably aren’t any pre-made content packs for this use case.

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