Problems to access in wan

Hi , can you help me for something ?

I can’t access to graylog in lan , my nat is OK , my port are open
but , i have this white page

Thanks for the reply.

he @gcolmant

if you share your configuration settings and some kind of information about your network structure we might be able to help.

But with the given information it is not possible to help.

for the firewall So , my firewall , is a PFSENSE ->
I open the port 8081 , and it’s nat to the 80. The adress of my graylog is

and there is the configuration of the graylog :

Graylog default port is 9000…

I change the publish address and the port it’s 80 now , it’s doing the same thing , but it’s loading …loading …loading
i mean it’s take a long time for nothing

did you run Graylog as root? because otherwise it does not work …

Then how do you run graylog with the account " root " ?
I guess it’s in the terminal linux , i know how to login with the account root.
but how to launch it ? ( Graylog start automatically when ubuntu start )

you do not want to run Graylog as root …

it was just - the default port is 9000 and not 80 …

A bit more info - ports below 1024 are privileged and generally require root access to use. Since you don’t want to be running Graylog as root, you should really move up to the default port of 9000 and adjust your NAT rather than re-jiggering Graylog to port 80. Unless you have security restrictions, it’s best to leave things as default as you might require hand-tooling on future upgrades/changes.

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