Cannot login GUI from LAN


really noob here but I have graylog installed & running at Ubuntu 20.04 server.

I can login GUI with localhost:9000 (same pc than Ubuntu & graylog) but not able to log graylog from LAN.

Graylog pc ip-address is
LAN is

I’d like to allow all ip-addresses from to log in GUI. No need from external ip (from WAN). What exactly I have to write to the server.conf?


I think do you need to change the http_publish_uri and http_bind_address. Something like this:

http_publish_uri =
http_bind_address =


Sorry to say but did not help…

Simplest thing to do to get it working is change the bind address to a valid IP address on the system. and comment out the http_publish_uri by adding a # to the front.

Make sure your system’s firewall is allowing connection on 9000 and you should be good

#http_publish_uri = xxxxxxxxxxxx (this will default it to using the bind address)

FYI you don’t need the http in the bind address.

My bad & fault… I was sure that I never enabled firewall to this ubuntu machine but still fw was enabled. Anyway after disabling fw everything is just fine. Sorry for bothering and thx for your help!

No sweat man… we’ve all been there and will again with something. Good luck

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