Problem with JSON extractor

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RAW message:

I need extract field “message” with JSON(?) extractor, but when i create extractor.
In the logs graylog-server:
and messages accumulate in the journal

field message:

{“name”:“Rewinder”,“pid”:1,“thread”:“70040335119280”,“level”:“info”,“level_index”:2,“host”:“writer.test”,“application”:“DbNg::Application”,“duration_ms”:8.204418,“duration”:“8.204ms”,“message”:“WebDAV read”,“row”:{“id”:595822089,“shard_key”:“24”,“shard_atom_key”:“24:50:0500357:1317”,“system_number”:“24:50:0500357:1317-24.RTRIGHTS.E.8496431001”,“write_id”:50596097,“timespec”:“2017-05-03T10:53:57.811+00:00”},“timestamp”:“2017-06-01T13:40:44.229129Z”}

JSON Extractor Problem 2
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and what is your question?

(Gleb Mekhrenin) #3

sorry, what could be the problem? wrong format for timestamp or?

(Jan Doberstein) #4

Yes - the timestamp is not parseable … because it is to accurate.

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