Problem mongodb install (Graylog3.3, centos 7)

The problem of installing MongoDB on the GrayLog server comes down to the fact that the MongoDB “Repository” (v4.4) is not reachable. [Errno 12] Timeout on (28, ‘Operation timed out after 30000 milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes received’)
Trying other mirror.

please help

Did you follow up the steps in the installation documentation? Do you use Proxy ? This kind of message is related with internet connection.

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I don’t use proxy :frowning: I checked the network neither proxy or firewall restriction

same :frowning: when I install pwgen (yum install pwgen)

@Labidi If you server can able to access repository then follow the MongoDB repository configuration steps given in the documentation and give it a try.

Here is documentation link:

Hope this helps you! :slight_smile:

It’s definitely problem with your network, or routing.
Check your outbound firewall, probably it’s blocking HTTP (TCP/80) port to internet…

Try to manually download file using wget or curl if it works:
curl -O

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Hi @makarands yes I did follow the installation of official site documentation as always! I have installed graylog n times by all in the world (os: Centos, debian, ubuntu …) I have never seen this hang … I have checked the netowrk

Hi @shoothub ,
curl -O

this time weird, yet I never experienced problems installing graylog with centos! I have to check with the network teams if it is a blockage on the firewall side or not

It’s propably problem with IPv6. Either disable IPv6 if you don’t use at all, or change yum to use IPv4.

Try to add line ip_resolve=ipv4 to /etc/yum.conf


@shoothub yes I think problem of ipv6 … so in /etc/yum.conf I add the line ip_resolve = ipv4


thnaks a lot @shoothub yes !!! problem with IPv6

thanks to everyone ! <3 when I disabled ipv6 at network level, the problem is solved

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