Port 5044 is closed, cant get it open sidecar-collector windows

Hi Guys…

I have installed graylog 2.4.0 from the ovf file on a vmware esxi 6.5.
I have innstalled the sidecar-collector on 2 windows computers, 1 win7 and 1 win10.

I have programmed the inputs and output to and the computers show up and with the correct id. So i have a connection to the API, but after banging my head against the keyboard after several hours of config tag errors in the logs on the computers, i scanned the server ip with nmap.

Port 5044 is closed. I then established a ssh connection to the server and performed netstat on port 80, 9000, 9200 and 5044. And all was open/listening exept 5044 for filebeats.

I thought the port would become active when i startet the input? Any ideas how i can get the port in a listening state? is the IP address of the local loopback interface and is only accessible from the very machine it’s running.

If you want remote clients to access the inputs you’ve created, you have to bind them to a non-local network interface.

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