pfSense logs wrong time

I am using a pfSense to secure my servers and I am sending the log messages from it to my Graylog using Syslog UDP configured in the pfSense settings. But since my pfSense has the timezone set to Berlin all logs are send to Graylog in Berlin time (UTC +2), but it seems like Graylog thinks that they are in UTC time. This results are logs that I can only see in my streams when I set the relative time to two hours in the future. I have read about this in this forum that Graylog is missing the timezone declaration in the timestamp. I have also seen that there have been custom patches made to the graylog repo for Fortgate devices, would it be possible to also makes these for pfSense? Or is it some how possible to fix this using a pipeline? Any kind of help would be much appreciated.


he @ntimo

you would need to include the timezone information in your syslog to make this work without any problem.

Look at the syslog format you are sending in.

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