Incorrect Timestamp on logs recieved SYSLOG UDP


I am new to this,so I have installed the VM appliance and its working fine however the logs I am getting from my firewall have an incorrect timestamp with them. Though the mouse tooltip text shows the correct time. My firewall and graylog server are on the same timezone.



As a new user I had to post the second pic the comments

The messages from your FortiGate devices don’t contain a timezone information, so Graylog assumes they’re UTC.

For example the second message includes date=2017-11-21 time=13:13:20, which Graylog assumes is 2017-11-21T13:13:20Z. Then Graylog displays the message timestamp in your configured timezone (+5:30), which is 2017-11-21T18:43:20.000.

If you want to modify the date of the messages, you can do so in a pipeline rule:

Also check out the following related feature request:

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