Graylog timestamp issue

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Hi i have a problem with my timezones. Dashboard Overview setting time configurations are all equal. Time Zone setting in the server show is below.
When i do the Absolute search between current day and +1 day Logs are recieving. but there is a +6.30 hours difference between the timestamp and the log date/time.
Logs are not showing on the search area for Relative search “Last 5 Minutes” but You can see its reciveing on the right side upper pane. Could anyone help me to overcome this issue.

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Graylog expects the timestamp in the syslog message to contain timezone information or defaults to UTC.

Also see these related issues:

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Thank you for the information. Actually fortigate device date format is “date=2017-09-18 time=14:15:05” and there is no an option to change the timestamp from the device. If we set our time zone into UTC the time will be changed within a huge gap. its not a good option for the vpn services and etc… are there any other solutions?

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You can try using the processing pipelines to move the timestamp into the correct timezone.

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Raw/Plaintext UDP worked successfully for me while ago. Thank you very much for the support given.

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