October 21, 2021
10am-5pm CT

Overriding the browser CTRL-F command is bad

I just want to find a piece of text on the page and I can’t because ctrl-f opens the page find feature from the forum which is not helpful at all.

My browser ctrl-f function is what I expect when I’m browsing the web.

Also, the forums are very bad to use because you have to scroll down from the 2 fixed ENORMOUS announcements taking the top of the page.

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Thanks for the feedback, Rafael. The CTRL-F function, which is useful on web pages that show full text will not work–as you saw-- in a page that isn’t displaying individual forum posts. The community has search in the upper right-side of the page for that purpose.

I agree that the event, right now, is a large banner. We will be changing to a smaller link. It’s there to promote our current survey. Have you taken it? It could be worth a $250 gift certificate. Please join us in completing the survey.

Thanks again for your feedback.