Autocomplete not working in Firefox


Since (I think) Firefox 15.0.3 (now running 16.0.1) autocomplete doesn’t work.
The pop-down window doesn’t show up when typing part of the key I want to search for.
I have tried on Windows and MacOS.
I have tested in both Graylog 4.0.17 and 4.3.6
Chrome and Safari works fine.

I’m sure this is a problem in Firefox, but as I’m not a Web developer I don’t really know where to start if I would take this issue to the Mozilla community.

Does anyone here know what’s involved in the autocomplete feature?
I suspect this is done in Javascript?
I tried to exclude my Graylog site from the Firefox privacy settings, but that didn’t help.

Not having autocomplete is a bummer, and basically forces me to use another browser just for Graylog. Firefox really needs our support as Chrome and derivates take over the world…

Any suggestions what I might try?
Can anyone else confirm my findings?

Hello && Welcome @Tandorimoose

Well since you answered my question already, and this looks like a Firefox issue, I would post this issue with the FF community, or support. If all other browser work, then I’m not sure what to tell you.

Hi gsmith,

The reason I posted here was that I don’t know what mechanisms Graylog use for the autocomplete popout window.
I think that would be helpful when posting on the Mozilla forum.


Pretty much everything seams to run on JAVA, I would expect that’s what it uses for the front end, but I’m not a Dev s, just guessing. you could post you question here

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