For developers that debug, Graylog vs. tail -f



While the auto-update for getting automatic updates of a search criteria is useful for tailing logfiles, the Graylog webUI is sub-optimal for doing tail -f style debugging.
In a fullsized browser window (even zoomed out in this case) I get about ~15 lines of log lines.

Is there a way to remove “the clutter” (graphs etc), reformat the layout, and compress the space in between the events, so one could get at least about 25-50 events in one browser window?

(Jan Doberstein) #2

with the recent release (2.4.6) no - but the upcoming 3.0 will have the ability.



When is 3.0 expected to be released (rough timeframe)?
btw. I saw that there already are some alpha releases of 3.0 on Github, but is there any deb packages available for testing too?
(didn’t find any documentation for (building) 3.0 either, “latest” on readthedocs seems aimed at 2.4)


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roughly - when it is ready. But we aim for this year.

we will build packages once we are in the public beta - currently you can build only from the source yourself.

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