Graylog Announcements Oct 2021

What’s GOing On at Graylog?

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The good:

  • Dark mode
  • The new search

Not all “glaring”, but:

  • There is a lot of empty space on the landing page ( )
  • It’s a bit odd going to (labeled the “Documentation” page) and seeing a “Documentation” button/link (to right below it.
  • Graylog | Releases (linked to prominantly on the landing page) seems a bit bare. Maybe include highlights?
  • Really, really don’t like the smoothed and automatic scrolling w/ the sidebar @
  • It would be nice if the changelog pages had a more useful “On this page” section, or some other way to jump directly to a specific older release / major+minor.
  • Certain pages (e.g. changelogs, pipeline functions) are noticeably slow to load (currently some aren’t loading at all)
  • The sidebar shows an expandable “arrow” for pages that don’t have subpages
  • An “Expand all” for the sidebar @ would be nice
  • The links to specific functions @ Functions - Processing Pipelines aren’t working
  • The changelogs are stale (missing 4.1.5 and 4.1.6)

Is GitHub - Graylog2/documentation dead now?

I was checking out the new site and came across this section.

Since there have been problems in the past with individuals installing Elasticsearch beyond version 7.10. I want to check it out. It took me to version 7.15
Perhaps have a new link to directing them version 7.10?

Thanks, Greg, I’ll check this out.

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In the new docs site, I cannot find a way to view documentation on previous releases. On the old site, there was a dropdown menu at the bottom right of the left-hand TOC panel where I could view the docs for different versions. Is this feature missing, unavailable, or just hidden?


Are you referring to this?

No, that’s just the changelogs for each release. I can’t show you what I’m talking about because the old docs site doesn’t exist anymore, but basically you had a setup similar to Elastic’s documentation where you can view the entire documentation database as of a specific release. That way if my environment is 3.x for example, the 4.x documentation would not be relevant to me- I’d need to read the docs correlating to my specific 3.x version.

My apologies you are referring to this?

Not the original poster, but yes. This used to be possible by selecting the version in the lower-right corner of the sidebar.


Not a big deal, but on mobile (Pixel 4A, latest Chrome) doesn’t show much initially (scrolling needed to see release info):

Having spent more time in the documentation-- there seem to be a number of formatting/encoding issues. For example, the commands and Docker Compose file contents @ Docker - Installing Graylog are invalid.

@dscryber Countdown timer is wrong