OVA installation web GUI inaccessible

I am new to graylog. I have just installed the OVA 2.2.3 but I cant access the web GUI. I can ping the VM from the host but I cant telnet to port 80. I have also run graylog-ctl service-list but nothing is displayed. How can I fix this to access the web GUI?

I have fixed the issue. I had not done basic configuration

Can you outline the ‘basic configuration’ you did? I updated from graylog-pre-2.2.0-rc.1-1.ova, which was working, to graylog-2.2.3-1.ova* which exhibits a similar issue with the Web GUI. I can ping, grayling -ctl shows all services running (yours did not), and the web GUI consistently displays “Graylog is restarting”. I’m not finding any other config instructions that provide effective guidance.
(Upgrade instructions I followed are here, under 'Upgrade Graylog))