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I download graylog-2.4.0-1 ovf and open and add ipaddress
Now I can ping
Network is working
But web interface is not working

Plz help me

(Jochen) #2

The latest stable version is Graylog 2.4.3 (as of the time of writing):

Please try again with that version. If it also doesn’t work for you, please elaborate on your setup and provide more details about what you did and what doesn’t work.

(autorun) #3

I downloadded but it is not loded

(autorun) #4

Plz help me
to lode web interface

(Jochen) #5

Please elaborate on your setup and what doesn’t work.

(autorun) #6

how to check server is ok
how to login using web

(Jochen) #7

Unless you provide more details, I’m unable to help you.

Good luck!

(autorun) #8

wt do you wont details

(autorun) #9

What do you wont details to help me

(Jochen) #10

All details you can think of, such as the virtualization technology you’re using, how you’ve configured the OVA exactly, what you want to achieve exactly, etc.

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