Operating System freeze during the installation


we are looking for a new syslog software and decided to test graylog.
I struggle for about 3 hours with the installation. I exactly followed the installation guide from the “docs”.
Everything is working fine till the step


Now install the Graylog repository configuration and Graylog itself with the following commands:
wget https://packages.graylog2.org/repo/packages/graylog-2.4-repository_latest.deb

When I paste in the “wget” command the whole system freezes and is not reachable via putty or the esxi console anymore.

Created a Debian 9.5 machine first, a Ubuntu Server 16.04 afterwards - same problem on both machines.

Can someone help me with my issues ?

Thank you very much!


He Daniel,

does your system have a working internet connection? Is this usable without proxy? Did you have a working DNS?

Just to name a few possible reasons …

Hi Jan ,

we had a issue with our firewall rules - it is solved now - everything working as expected.
But thank you for the fast reply !


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