Installing Graylog

I have been trying to install Graylog and I have it running, but I still cannot get it to do anything. Now we get to the problems, I do not know Linux much. I have to look up almost everything.

I have a copy of Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS. I also have Zabbix running on it (Still working on that as well) but I need something for monitoring Syslogs from various Mikrotik and Ubiquiti devices.

Is there a guide or tutorial that will take someone thru the install and setup of Graylog and all the other required pieces/parts to go from a virgin Ubuntu install assuming the user is new to Linux?

My problem is rsyslog is getting the logs from the test device, (I can see it logged into /var/log/syslog but that is all the further it gets. Anyone willing to help out a total newbie who knows basically nothing, but is willing to learn?

Any help or guidence you can give would be appreciated.

You might want to read first the getting started guide with some additional information:

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