Graylog newbie, installed it from the docs, it works 100%

Hello everybody, How are you? I installed graylog following the documentation, it’s working 100%, but I can’t do much, not even with the documentation I can make it work.

I researched a bit and managed to get it to receive logs.
Currently it receives logs from cisco switches and windows server 2019 in a good way.

But I would like to use it more effectively with Alerts and Dashboards, can someone help me with information or even a place to search?

I even found some sites with steps to do, but they are older versions, 2 and 3, very different, as I am getting to know the tool now, I get lost.

I have experience with Zabbix and Grafana.
The version I have installed is the free 5 on CentOS7.

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Have you watched any of the training videos here?

hello I haven’t watched them yet, I couldn’t find them, I’ll watch them, thanks.

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