No Message after upgrade to Graylog 4.2.9+f0d8298 - Broken Version?

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1. Describe your incident:
I have upgraded to Graylog 4.2.9+f0d8298
Since that i see that it get no messages displayed and alert rules are not working.

i don’t see any messages in the search tab → i also check when i try in the stream seeting to load a message from a input → it don’t return a message

2. Describe your environment:

  • OS Information:
    Ubuntu 20.04LTS

  • Package Version:
    Graylog 4.2.9+f0d8298

  • Service logs, configurations, and environment variables:

3. What steps have you already taken to try and solve the problem?

  • TCPdump on the mashine show that i get the messages from the devices
  • in the right upper corner i see that i get messages in
  • in the log i see that the pipeline are processing the messages.
  • At System input i see that i get the messages

4. How can the community help?
what do u think about that?
Anypne have a hint

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Hello @Patrick

If I understand correctly.
Messages are received and this was shown from using tcpdump then you can see the messages in upper right corner being processed.

Example: It should look like this IN/OUT


The input Throughput/Metrics also show those messages.

Suggestion would be check the Date/Time.
Navigate to System/Overview → Time configuration

Example: all three should be the same, Correct?


Not sue how you updated you GL server but Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce the same results

yes i had all this indications.
and also the alerts notifications worked like normal.

after 3 days the system healt it sellf

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