Logs not showing up in "All Messages"

I have two VMware OVAs running graylog. 1 has access to the internet and it working fine. The other is on a isolated network and is not connected to the internet. Clients are using the exact same config file with no errors in the client log file. When I preform a tcpdump on the offline server I can see the offline client sending the packets to the offline graylog server. I have been troubleshooting this for some time. The only difference between the two setups is that the offline client window10 isnot activated, but like I said earlier it appears that the server is getting the client logs.When I logon to the offline graylog admin page. I do not see any messages. Can any one else replicate/confirm what I am seeing?

Hello @JoeSmoe, welcome!

Are you seeing anything indicating the messages are being received? Even if you don’t see them in the All Messages stream you may still see messages processing through the input/s. For a given input do you see active connections, bandwidth, message count, etc? Are they >0?

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