Input recive information but dont show messages

Hi everyone, well , i have a problem on Graylog , i created an input and this works, the input receive information but dont show nothing when i push click on the button "Show received messages ", now i check that the configuration on the nxlog is ok, and in the side of Input , and everyting match , ports, protocols, and de field that Nxlog catch .
even i maked a query whit a CURL ,on my server , in ssh to see if the information , was there but dont.
Here ones images about this , i hope that somebody can helpme , thks .




And for more information i have more inputs on this graylog , and everyone work in order.

Do yourself a favor - send a message from the command line to your input ( ) and check if you can see that message.

If not it is very likely that you might need a “recalculate index range” in “System > Indices > {INDEX SET NAME}”. But if you can see the message from the command line. Send the same message from the host that you do not receive the messages.
If you do not get the message - check your firewalls etc. But if you get the message, debug your nxlog.

Structured search for errors is what you need now.


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