Mysql as storage

Hello, I’d like to use MySQL as a storage instead of ElasticSearch. How do I configure this?
I checked docs, but couldn’t find a manual.

please check the FAQ

I did check the FAQ. We have specific requirements where it’d be better to use MySQL, but there’s no link to description on how to do that.

you did not follow my above link right?

quote from that link:

I don’t want to use Elasticsearch as my backend storage system – can I use another database, like MySQL, Oracle, etc?

You can, but we don’t suggest you do. You will not be able to use our query functionality or our analytic engine on the dataset outside the system. We only recommend another database if you want it for secondary storage.

And if you already seen this and refer that no further details are given, I can answer their is no easy way to replace it. You will end up rewrite lot of the Graylog server code to make this work.

Ok, now it’s clear, thanks.

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