Mutate add_field

(Johnb) #1
mutate {
  add_field => [ "Talos_Source_lookup", "{id.orig_h}" ]
  add_field => [ "CBL_Source_lookup", "{id.orig_h}" ]
  add_field => [ "Spamhaus_Source_lookup", "{id.orig_h}" ]

Is there a way to do this?

(Jan Doberstein) #2

did you want the target link information in that field or just the link?

Both is possible but would need other ways of doing.

First would make use of the lookup tables and the second of the concat function of the processing pipelines.

(Johnb) #3

probably happy with a clickable link

(Jochen) #4

That’s currently not possible with Graylog.

(system) closed #5

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