Mapping graylog id field to custom created names

Hi Team,
I have a numeric field in my graylog (getting with my logs) but i want it to map with names that is not in my logs. is there any way to achieve the same.
for example:-

graylog field: wants to map with( that i need to create it is not in logs or anywhere)
user id (is present) username( i want to create) (suppose i have to create file with 1 = sam)
1 sam
2 jack
3 rocky

basically i want to give name to that id field and that i have to define by own. please help

lookup tables is was you are looking for!

Hi Jan,
Thanks for reply. i looks like it will solve my problem.
i’ll try this and update if it works

Hi Jan,
Is there any command line way to map id’s to name as i have tried the same lookup table but again unlucky.

I did not get your question.

You are not able to modify already stored messages with Graylog - that will be only done on ingest.

The only option you have is using a decorator that will do the lookup on search time, but will not store the result.


Hi Jan,
unfortunately it isn’t work for me but thanks for your suggestions . here i need one more help from your side as we want to create visualization in gray-log in line format
example :- request per host per second or minute
comparing x-axis to y-axis is it possible with graylog

hej @kunal2791

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