No mapping found for [process_id] in order to sort on


I’m currently experiencing a sorting issue on custom fields. I followed the guide from Graylog documentation to create custom mapping rules so I’ll be able to sort on different fields.

My graylog-custom-mapping.json looks like this:

"template": "graylog_*",
"mappings" : {
  "message" : {
    "properties" : {
      "process_id" : {
      "type": "long"}

When running curl -X GET ‘http://localhost:9200/graylog_deflector/_mapping?pretty

I can see that this field was added. I rotated my indexes and when running curl -X GET ‘http://localhost:9200/graylog_15/_mapping?pretty’ (graylog_15 created after rotation) I can see this field was added. However when I’m trying to use process_id for sorting purposes it crashes with:

and in ES logs I can see that it tried to use the graylog_10 index as well for search

Even if my Graylog search is _index:graylog_15

I’m wondering if it’s possible to add custom mapping rules to old indexes as well - in my case all indexes from graylog_1 to graylog_15 so I can use field process_id (among others) for search/sorting.

I found quite a few questions describing the same problem, but was not able to understand where exactly is the problem.

Thank you

he @simkolab

you can apply a mapping only to NEW indices.

You would need to re-ingest old indices to apply the new mapping. This is not an easy operation and I’ll not guide via forum on this.

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