Multinode configuration MongoDB

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Dear all,

I am trying to setup a Multinode cluster existing of:
3 Elasticsearch Cluster Nodes
2 Graylog Input Nodes

The Elasticsearch-cluster runs already fine. The Problem is the second Graylog Node. I do not Need a MongoDB Replica, I just installed MongoDB on the first Graylog Node.

I now want to use MongoDB from my second node. Therefor I understood that I do not have to install MongoDB on the second node.

However, I tried several Things but I never get the second Graylog node visible in my Graylog Webpage -> Nodes :frowning:

I changed the IP in /etc/mongod.conf from localhost to Server IP - no success - Graylog did not even start anymore

How can I use the MongoDB from my first node in the second one?

I also created a user + PW on my first node and on the second I configured the following on my server.conf:

Authenticate against the MongoDB server

mongodb_uri = mongodb://graylogdbusr:PASSWORD@IPOFFIRSTNODE:27017/graylog

–>Nothing changed

I really appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance,

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Do you recommend to use a MongoDB replica on my two Graylog nodes? I think about that atm but I am very new to MongoDB…

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You don’t have to create a MongoDB replica set. A single MongoDB instance is okay, if you don’t want to have high-availability.

Please post the complete configuration and logs of your Graylog nodes and MongoDB.

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Hi Jochen, thanks for your reply. I’ve had this issue since a week and tried so much things and read many articles. I just resolved that by my own by Setting the bindIP to Now I see both nodes. Sorry for wasting your time. Please Close that Topic. Thank you!

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