Modify graylog URL


I need to change the URL currently working from to This change works parcially, I am able to access

But System is replacing wrongly the URL:

The change in the config file to modify the URL is as follows:

# Default: http://$http_bind_address/
http_publish_uri =

# Default: $http_publish_uri
http_external_uri =

Do you know if other configuration has to be modified?


such is only possible with a proxy. not vanilla graylog

Thanks for your response Jan, you are always very helpful. Please let me explain further. I have the following configuration in the proxy:

 <Location /graylog>

When adding graylog at the end of the URL, I am able to get the correct URL with graylog at the end for Search, Streams, Alerts, Dashboards and Sources. For instance:

However, System option in main menu is getting twice graylog and then throwing 404 error for Page Not Found:

because the expected URL is the following:

Do you know why this behavior?


did you run 3.0.1? because that version should have a fix for that.

Thanks for your response Jan,

I am running 3.0.0. I will install Graylog 3.0.1 and check again.


Thanks Jan,

Graylog 3.0.1 fixed the problem as you mentioned.

Thanks for all your support.

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