Message count by Day/Hour/Minute

What I really liked in Graylog 3.0 was that I could set the resolution for the message count in the Histogram chart to a specific value (Day or Hour or Minute or …).

See for example my screenshots: In the Hour view I couldn’t see the anomaly, but in the Minute view I can.

I am missing this feature in Graylog versions > 3.0.

Can this please be added again?

It’s possible not so straightforward, by changing widget for Message count - click Edit - click on field timestamp in ROWS section, uncheck automatic, and select interval (Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months).

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Thanks for your answer.

It seems with Graylog > 3.0 everything is still possible - but in a more cumbersome way.

Imho the new Web UI is a step backwards :frowning:

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