Histogram Like View in 3.2.1+

Hi, my question is partially similar to this one:

More specifically, I’m interesting in the first part:

after the update to 3.2 some users miss the old histogram view in which you can break the display down to the minute. It is important for us to find individual peaks over a longer period of time

macko003 mentioned that there are a lot of questions like this one if you search… unfortunately, I didn’t find any…

would someone please point me to documents or any other solutions, where I can find how to force aggregation to minutes or hours or day’s on a view? or plugin if any that can help? as far as I understand the histogram view is deprecated…

Graylog 3.3.3

It’s possible not so straightforward, by changing widget for Message count - click Edit - click on field timestamp in ROWS section, uncheck automatic , and select interval ( Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months ).

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@shoothub thank you! it works!

This is a good workaround for me, would be nice to have this option available more easily… but not sure it is a priority for developers…

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