Merging 2 separate graylog builds

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Hi All,

Currently I have 2 Graylog builds, each running on 2 different machines (1 graylog, 1 ES)(4 total). Now I would like to merge them, what is the proper way to do it? By merging I mean building ES cluster out of 2 existing nodes with different data and building graylog cluster out of those 2 existing nodes and of course building mongodb replica set out of 3 nodes(2 existing and 1 new). Some information:

  1. ES nodes each have he same cluster name.
  2. ES and Graylog versions are the same through both setups. (v2.3.0 and v5.5)


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hej @jaskis

the merging of two installations is not supported by Graylog and might end in a total mess.


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