Log from kafka to Graylog

The zookeeper is running in localhost:2181
The Kafka is running in localhost:9092
The Graylog also running in the same machine.

I wanna read every log from kafka and see this logs in graylog.
I tried all the default input creation setup in graylog, for example :

  • GELF Kafka
  • Raw/Plaintext Kafka
  • Syslog Kafka
    I am afraid that I have to configure the Kafka somehow. Should I first read these logs eg to a file and then to graylog ?


Throughput / Metrics

1 minute average rate: 0 msg/s
Network IO: 0B 0B (total: 0B 0B )
Empty messages discarded: 0

In network will be some messages (for example: kafka run)

I check and I see log in kafka and zookeeper fot example: kafka run

I am asking for help, if anyone knows how to bite it?

I guess that you are missing something.

The Inputs are using Kafka as a transport and are not created to read the Logs of Kafka.

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Have you ever met with this? you know how to do it ? Thank you for your response. It helped me a lot

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