Kafka and graylog

There is any way to display the logs from the Kafka directly in Graylog? For example: “Start Kafka”, “Stop Kafka”, "Exception during start " and so on. I’ve been trying to do this for a few days but I have no idea.

you need to ingest the kafka logs into Graylog. That would enable you to see the kafka logs in Graylog.

Could you say more about this please? I do it a few days. Ordinary inputs on the grailog work only if I send something to the Kafka but i wanna see all logs from Kafka which i see in docker.

I have never operated Kafka myself, so I’m not able to give you guidance where to find the kafka logfiles. But I guess a quick search with your favorit search engine will reveal that.

You wrote that this runs in docker, you might just need the docker logs - but that is something I can’t answer.

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please read the getting started guide: http://docs.graylog.org/en/3.0/pages/getting_started.html

Thank you for your response :wink:

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