Raw/Plaintext Kafka Input between Kafka and Graylog on dirrence server machine

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I have zookeeper running on server A and graylog server running on server B.

I create a raw/plaintext kafka input (Working if Zookeeper and Graylog on the same host, not working if split 2 server).

Is it possible to seperate Zookeeper and Graylog ?

Thanks !

If you can provide a bit more informations about your configuration it would make it possible for others to help you.

Thank @xtruthx,

I have 2 linux servers: 1 for Zookeeper + Kafka, 1 for Graylogs.

When i run Zookeeper + Kafka + Graylogs (create Raw/Plaintext Kafka input) on 1 server machine => That’s working (push message by producer and graylog will reviewed messgage ).

My goal want to seperate 1 server for Zookeeper + Kafka, my system will be use producer to push log messege to Kafka.

On config, i’ve set Zookeeper address = ip address (IP Address server Zookeeper + Kafka , Port 2181).=> Graylog didn’t received any message through Kafka

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