License is violated - But under 5GB

Hello Community,

I´ve read all topics for this problem and checked the solutions, but nothing helped.
I get the following message:

I checked the connection via curl to Graylog Inc.:

But the highes Traffic was 3.61 GB:

But in the log it seems, that the connection to Graylog Inc. is not possible.

Also I checked the time on our Graylg-Server. It´s correctly.
Does the size of the index set too on the license?

Now I checked the /etc/graylog/server/server.conf and added follwing entries:
rest_transport_uri = http://GRAYLOGSERVER-IP:9000/api/
http_proxy_uri = http://USER:PASS@proxy.DOMAIN.local:8080

But same problem after restarting Graylog.

Thanks for replies. :slightly_smiling_face:

you did not share what Graylog version you use.

you should check http_proxy_uri and also http_non_proxy_uri … because the error indicate that Graylog is not possible to connect to the Backoffice API

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