Licence violation Daily traffic limit: 5.0GiB but with


I received a warning saying I have too much traffic but in reality I have way under 5Gb per day. I really like the product, please help :

You need to able graylog box to connect to graylog server URL to check license status. And second problem is sometimes with certificate, if you add your own CA do trusted store, but not include CA which uses graylog on his webpage.

  1. Try to check connection to graylog api URL:
    curl -v
  2. Check if your trusted java store contains CA Sectigo, if you setup TLS encryption

Will the red banner warning will disapear by itself when the problem goes away, or do I need to delete it manually ?

Asking because my infrastructure team said they added the certificate and rebooted the server and the message is still there.

when Graylog is able to execute the remote check the notification will disappear.

Thank you, the problem is fixed.

It had to do with Apache certificates.

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