Level=error msg="[UpdateRegistration] Failed to report collector status to server

Hi ,
I am not able to view the logs after configuring the collectors in graylog
I have configured sample beats input and output
collector and beats status show up and running in the graylog web

However i am not able to see the log output
Below is the error is see in the collector_sidecar logs

time=“2018-07-25T06:07:29-05:00” level=error msg="[RequestConfiguration] Fetching configuration failed: Get[“linux”%2C"apache"]: dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused"
time=“2018-07-25T06:07:29-05:00” level=error msg="[UpdateRegistration] Failed to report collector status to server: Put dial tcp

the packages version are below

filebeat -version
filebeat version 6.1.2 (amd64), libbeat 6.1.2

/usr/bin/graylog-collector-sidecar -version
Graylog Collector Sidecar version 0.1.6 (77045b2) [go1.9.3/amd64]

Graylog 2.4.6
Elastic search : 5.6.10

What configuration did you create for the tags linux or apache in Graylog?

Is the error continuesly comming up? What exactyl is your problem?

Yes the error continuously comes up
I have the below configuration


update_interval: 10
tls_skip_verify: false
send_status: true
collector_id: file:/etc/graylog/collector-sidecar/collector-id
cache_path: /var/cache/graylog/collector-sidecar
log_path: /var/log/graylog/collector-sidecar
log_rotation_time: 86400
log_max_age: 604800
- linux
- apache
- name: nxlog
enabled: false
binary_path: /usr/bin/nxlog
configuration_path: /etc/graylog/collector-sidecar/generated/nxlog.conf
- name: filebeat
enabled: true
binary_path: /usr/bin/filebeat
configuration_path: /etc/graylog/collector-sidecar/generated/filebeat.yml

generated filebeat.xml:

  • encoding: plain
    exclude_files: []
    collector_node_id: prd-log01.lb.nl
    gl2_source_collector: 785cb392-8649-4e08-9f8b-f93411552509
    type: log
    ignore_older: 0
    • /var/log/*.log
      scan_frequency: 10s
      tail_files: true
      type: log
    • localhost:5044
      data: /var/cache/graylog/collector-sidecar/filebeat/data
      logs: /var/log/graylog/collector-sidecar
  • linux
  • apache

I have configured the apache tag in graylog web . created beats input and output .

ideally im supposed to view the logs in /var/log/*.log , which im not able to see in web .

Can you help me out on this


is your Graylog REST API it is very unlikely that you can reach the BEAT Input on that host via


But that is how this is configured

I changed the beats localhost to IP address in the configuration and it worked . Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please let me know how is it possible to configure multiple logs beat input/output .

For now i have configured for only 1 access log

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