Graylog-collector-sidecar failing

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I am trying to install collector sidecar and try to install the filebeat following this set-up.

But under system/collectors from the graylog web-interface, I could see that the status of graylog-collector-sidecar is failing.

When I click it, I found:
Status: No configuration found for configured tags!

So I checked there’s indeed no filebeat configuration file and the log from sidecar is like this:
time=“2017-06-20T20:00:56-04:00” level=error msg="[RequestConfiguration] Fetching configuration failed: Get$
time=“2017-06-20T20:00:56-04:00” level=error msg="[UpdateRegistration] Failed to report collector status to server: Put$

So this is my sidecar configuration file:

update_interval: 10
tls_skip_verify: true
send_status: true
node_id: graylog-collector-sidecar
collector_id: file:/etc/graylog/collector-sidecar/collector-id
cache_path: /var/cache/graylog/collector-sidecar
log_path: /var/log/graylog/collector-sidecar
log_rotation_time: 86400
log_max_age: 604800
- linux
- apache
- name: nxlog
enabled: false
binary_path: /usr/bin/nxlog
configuration_path: /etc/graylog/collector-sidecar/generated/nxlog.conf
- name: filebeat
enabled: true
binary_path: /usr/bin/filebeat
configuration_path: /etc/graylog/collector-sidecar/generated/filebeat.yml

Graylog Version:
Elasticsearch Version:
MongoDB Version:
Operating System:
centos 7
Browser version:
Any help is appreciated !!

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I figured out myself, I didn’t set the tag correctly

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