Leader is down, hosts disappear?

I’m prototyping out a multi-node Graylog setup and I wanted to check on some behavior I’m seeing. The environment is as follows:

3x nodes, Ubuntu 22.04, Graylog 5.1, Opensearch 2.8, Mongo 6.x. All three nodes are running mongo, opensearch, and graylog. Everything seems to be working fine when all three nodes are up and online. The mongo replica seems ok, the opensearch cluster is in green status. Graylog shows all three nodes in the “Nodes” interface. It all looks fine.

When either of the “is_leader = false” graylog nodes goes down, only that one server drops out of the “Nodes” list in the Graylog interface. That’s what I would expect.

However, when the “is_leader = true” node goes down (other two nodes still up), the “Nodes” list shows only a single server. The graylog interface still works on both nodes (the is_leader = false nodes), but only one shows up in the Nodes list. This seems wrong to me, but I’m not sure. Is this expected behavior?

Can’t say anyone has asked, but my guess is that without the Leader to query, each node can only see itself and its own status. I’ll try to verify that.

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