LDAP settings 3 Node cluster

Need to understand how to properly configure LDAP in a 3 node graylog cluster environment. Mongo replicaset is running on each of the 3 graylog nodes. LDAP was initially configured on just 1 node of graylog(the master). If I have web login traffic going through a load balancer, login only works 1 out of 3 times, which seems to make sense. I tried cut and pasting the ldap config in the other 2 graylog nodes, but that ended up causing an issue and logins stopped working and I saw the “Graylog does not yet support multiple LDAP backends, but 3 configurations were found. This is a bug, ignoring LDAP config.” error in the logs. Shared secret is the same on all the graylog nodes and LDAP uses service_account/password in the config. What am I doing wrong ??

If you configured the graylog cluster well, it shere the config, so you need only set the LDAP once.
Check your system/nodes. You should see all of your graylog node.
Also compare your /etc/graylog/server/server.conf on your servers. Except hte is_master all fields should be the same,
Check tcpdump on your graylog hosts or on the LDAP server. Check the LDAP traffic when you try to logon without load balancer one-by-one.

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