Graylog, configure multiple LDAP servers

based on Finish support for multiple LDAP / AD servers by mpfz0r · Pull Request #9485 · Graylog2/graylog2-server · GitHub

it appears that its possible to configure multiple LDAP servers, such that if one fails, graylog can get auth info from the others in its list. Is that what 9485 is asserting?

How is the configurable, couldn’t really find any documentation on that


Hello && welcome

As of now, I tried to configure my MS AD for two active directory’s DC 1 and DC2 . It seams I can only active one at a time. So I’m not sure.

What Have you tried?

Based on that linked github pull request, there isn’t a GUI for configuring it, and i too see the same thing, where only one at a time can be activated. So there must be some way to configure multiple auth servers manually in the config file, just not sure, the pull request clearly states auth server failover

I will be testing this in my lab, If i come up with anything Ill post it here.

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