I receive message but i can't show them

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i’m trying to send windows logs from server , i receive message but when i click on show receive message Nothing found,i tried to change search from relative to absolute and give a futur timewone but nothing change could anyone help me plz

(Jochen) #2

Please elaborate on your environment and provide all relevant details, such as details about how you’re shipping logs to Graylog, the complete configuration of Graylog and its inputs.

(rajaoui) #3

thank u sir i fix the problem its just on nxlog configuration i let OutputType after Exec

(rajaoui) #4

rule "ignorelogs"
has_field(“level”) && to_string($message.level) == "5"
i create this rules to drop message that contain level 6 but nothing change could you help me ??

(Jochen) #5

Please open a new topic for a different issue.

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