Graylog - No received messages

Getting messages showing in the Inputs but none shown when “showing” received

Timezone and system time are correct

Where should I look next?

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We might need some more details about your environment to help you troubleshoot your issue.
If your unsure have a look at this post.

Details you should always include

This issue could be a few different things like firewall, security features, configuration, etc…
The more you can show us the better we can help.

Sorry, installed on Ubuntu 20.04, using nxlog on windows server, had it working well, sending emails on account lockouts and user creation, then just stopped, didnt realise for a few days, have cloned disk to a new drive to make sure it had enough space. Have recreated inputs, can see messages hitting the input.

Tried the relative time search to rule out time issues

Server log looks ok, would it help to post it here?

Yes, but make sure you keep your private stuff, private. Sometime pictures or screen shots help.

Not sure what you have tried but this is what I would look at first.
Configuration/s may have changed in Graylog configuration file after cloning the volume that would be the first thing I would look at and make sure it looks the same.

The reason I say this is that the file might have something added/deleted in it. This would not affect graylog before it would only take effect when service was restart or the node was shut down and started backup.

Check the status of all three services, which would be Elasticsearch. MongoDb, and Graylog.

Check log files of all three services looking for anything that would pertain to this issue.

I would also check Nxlog log file for anything pertaining to this issue. I’m not sure how you set up your input or nxlog configuration, but make sure you have debugging enabled on nxlog and restart service. Make sure you turn it off when done.

I’m assuming that you are not receiving any logs at all?

Running ps -A | grep elastic shows nothing

Will investigate this

Ive blown away the server and reinstall it, working now

Oh boy, sorry you had to do that.

Its OK, prob should have done it sooner

the diving around the logs did teach me a few things though so not a wasted effort

Thanks for your help

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