Graylog not desplaying recent messages

Hello all and thanks in advance on any advice. I have a Graylog v3.0 server I set up on rhel 7 couple months ago. The issue I am having is that I cannot see any recent messages if I go to “Inputs” - “Show received messages”. It has 12.8 million messages but nothing recent. The node is showing that its currently receiving messages from that input and the throughput/metric shows 331 msg/s. Any ideas why its not displaying current logs? Seems to be stuck at 12.8 million messages and a single date and time.

did you see the same amount for in/out at the upper right?

Did you check System > Nodes? Does your journal contain messages?

I did notice this also when looking at the over view


Did you read the error message of the index failures and type that error message into any internet search?

Or did you search in this community? You will find the solution for this.

I’m currently reading through this. But no I haven’t fully researched it as I just noticed the index failures this morning, pretty much the same time I posted it.

thank you for your help

Thanks Jan seems you solved this in May Indexer Failures NEW

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