Human readable 'gl2_source_input' widget in search?


When setting graylog up (for the first time) I find myself more often then seldom to open a bunch of tabs in firefox for all my different inputs. And since those tabs just opens a search based on the unique ‘gl2_source_input’ UID I quickly loose track of what tab that is what input.

Is there some way to add a widget to the search that displays the human readable version of the ‘gl2_source_input’ UID? I assume it would have to be a widget that would trigger if the search query only contained ‘gl2_source_input:’. Is something like this possible?

I guess that once you have everything up and running you don’t really look at inputs the way I do now, but feels like I have a long long way to go before I’m there.

Giving it some more thought. …I assume the sensible and normal way of doing this would be to just “pipe” those gl2_source_inputs into their individual streams and have them open in separate tabs instead. :thinking: A few more steps and clicks, but yes… I can buy that. :sweat_smile:

Just a suggestion I have a dashboard with all my Inputs for quick access.

Or instead of different tabs you can put them on just one page.
That took me 2 minutes to create.

Hope that helps

You’re a genius! :scream_cat: Hadn’t explored this and didn’t knew it was possible. Pretty awesome! Thanks! :sunglasses: :+1:

It’s not possible to move and drag the tabs (or pages as they call them) around like in a browser, right?

You can
Copy to Dashboard


Create new tab


Move to different tab


Select tab

done & Save

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