HTTPS Graylog 3.2

I wanted to pass my graylog on https, on graylog docs i find a tuto but it use self-signed cert.
Does anyone have a tuto to pass my graylog on https with my company CA

It’s the same procedure, but instead of importing self-sign cert to trusted root, you add your company CA.

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The documentation really does have everything you need to enable HTTPS. Our organization went through enabling it within the past month and although you must pay close attention to detail there aren’t any missing steps or gotchas.

For what it’s worth the 2 places that we had issues were:

  1. getting Microsoft ADCS to generate a certificate with the required “[alt_names]” (subject alternative names/sans) per the documentation; and
  2. carefully following the instructions for adding the certificate to the java keystore.

If you’re using Microsoft ADCS I’m happy to provide a CSR template that worked for us, since that turned out to be why it wouldn’t add the SANs. Just send me a private message.


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