Self-signed certificates

Hello again.
Using the TLS, things aren’t all clear for me. Does Graylog cannot work with self-signed certificates? Or what trick should I do?

If I use a self–signed certificate Graylog would say something like

pkix path validation failed … signature check failed

I understand tha is due to the lack of CA, but I kind of newbie about certificates. :smiley:


Check doc, how to setup self-sign cert to truststore:

Well, I found my error, adding the CA to the key store,Where is the CA? I followed the docs, only have the files cacerts.jks, cert.pem and pkcs8-plain.pem.

I dont know if this will help you but i found my solution here:

In fact, found my error, it seems that I created the certs as root user, did it again as non root user and all Ok, thanks! :smiley:

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