HTTP Proxy support for Slack Alert notifications

Tried searching for information but my Google-Fu failed me if there is an existing topic.

We are in the process of migrating to Graylog 4.2 and would like to start using officially supported Slack Alert Notification as per docs (Alerts - Alerts). However, the functionality does not appear to support configuring HTTP Proxy, whereas the legacy plugin (GitHub - graylog-labs/graylog-plugin-slack: Graylog alarm callback for Slack) does support it.

Has anyone else faced this one and how did you solve it? Should a feature request be created for this one?



I just looked into this also but I ended up with the same info as yourself. I’ll keep looking into this to see If I can find something, I haven’t used the Slack plugin for awhile and never used with a proxy so I’m not sure. If you have tried it with http Proxy and it doesn’t work perhaps ask here.

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For anyone ending up here via Google, DuckDuckGo or whatever your preferred search engine may be, I created Feature Request for this one. At the time of me writing this one, it hasn’t been inspected yet:

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