PagerDuty timed out

Hi all,
I saw that in our actual used Graylog Version 4.0.8 that an integration / notification via PagerDuty is possible.
I just wanted to setup PagerDuty but always run in an time-out.
We of course have an routing key etc. and I guess the initial config on the Graylog gui is correct.
Does the PagerDuty needs an proxy configuration? We have an Proxy configured currently only on OS level, not in the Graylog server.conf.
When I try to add the Proxy in the Server.conf I have issues, because it looks like the configured non_proxy_hosts are not working for me. After Node restart, the node cannot contact Elasticsearch anymore.
Or is it something else? Is there some additional configuration neccesarry for PagerDuty notifications?

Thank you very much in advance

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Hi David,
thank you very much for your answer. As far as I understood the PagerDuty got fixed and is now using the standard Graylog Proxy settings which is really good.
Maybe I have an issue with the NoProxy configuration?

http_non_proxy_hosts = localhost,,localaddress,*,10.*.*.*,10.27.*.*

If I add the Proxy in my server.conf the Graylog node does not connect the elasticsearch anymore. My Elasticsearch Servers are configured with the IP 10.*

Is there any mistake? Do I need to add https_non_proxy_hosts as well?

Thank you!

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